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Untitled #100 by mklovesjb featuring black and white shoesSupertrash long sleeve sweater, €80Hollister Co. vintage shorts, $18Supra black and white shoes, $100The Row backpack bag, £22,950Mulberry black bangle, $195Jessica Elliot long chain necklace, $72Cameo skull jewelrySkingraft fingerless glove, $88Obey hat, £28Revlon Crayon Yeux Eye Liner Pencil N°1 Black, €9,40MascaraVince Camuto Eau De Parfum 1.7, $60

Supertrash long sleeve sweater, €80
Hollister Co. vintage shorts, $18
Supra black and white shoes, $100
The Row backpack bag, £22,950
Mulberry black bangle, $195
Jessica Elliot long chain necklace, $72
Cameo skull jewelry
Skingraft fingerless glove, $88
Obey hat, £28
Revlon Crayon Yeux Eye Liner Pencil N°1 Black, €9,40
Vince Camuto Eau De Parfum 1.7, $60

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tagged as: long sleeve sweaters. long chain necklace. black and white shoes. vintage shorts. obey hats. backpack bags. black bangles. skull jewelry. fingerless gloves. art. polyvore.

posted on November 13, 2011

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